Youth Self Defense

AoS  Youth Self Defense program will teach your child the most important aspect of self defense. The students will learn how to defend themselves against agressive child behavior and bullies. They will also learn how to focus, gain confidence, and become physically fit. AoS's youth program is broken down into 4 pillars of self defense. Striking, grappling, specific self defense situations, and fitness. These pillars provide the highest level of self-defense. We are also a proud affiliate of Youth Martial Arts Association. Being part of this association, AoS not only pulls from our own experience but also from other top professionals in the field all working together to provide the highest level of teaching to youth students. 


Striking: Youth students will learn how to knee, kick, punch, elbow and put combinations of these strikes together

Grappling: Youth Students will learn all the important ground positions, escapes, and submissions

Specific Self Defense: Youth Students will learn how to take their striking and grappling skills and apply them to specific self defense situations

Fitness: Youth students will become strong and physically fit so they can defend themselves if necessary. 

Age ranges: AoS youth program are from 5-13 years of age