This challenge will test your physical and mental limits. Students will test their upper body, lower body, core, and cardiovascular system. This is a six week training course. The first meeting will get participants initial numbers. After 6 weeks of training we will re-test to see the impovements. Below are the details.

  • This is a 6 week challenge

    • Participants will meet Tuesday @ 6pm, Thursday @ 7pm, and Saturday @ 9am after the initial assessment

  • our first session we will write down all of participants numbers based on the below events

  • After six weeks of training we will re-test the below events

  • If participants complete the test they will receive a DVRT challenge shirt.


  • Push up standards (2min)

              Male: Max goal 73 / minimum goal 39 pushups in 2 min
              Female: Max goal 45/minimum goal 15 pushups in 2 mins

  • Plank Standards

              Male/Female: Max goal 5mins / minimum goal 2 mins

  • DVRT Clean & Press

              Max standards male 170 lbs or less 60 lbs x 50 reps / 171-210 lbs 80 lbs x 40 reps / 210 lbs and over 100 lbs x 40 reps 
              Max Standards Female 150 lbs or less 40 lbs x 50 reps / 151 lbs and over 60 lbs x 40 rep

  • Jump Rope max standards 

              15 minutes maximum / 7 minutes minimum goal non-stop (slow to moderate pace)