Fighting From Positions of Disadvantage

In Krav Maga we learn to fight from positions of disadvantage. What this means is our hands may be down, we may be attacked off from the side, or may be surprised. Another important aspect in Krav Maga is striking or defending from the position of disadvantage. In this attack the aggressor did not expect the person defending to attack him because his hands were down and he was not in a traditional fighting stance. This surprised the aggressor, and the fight was over with a regular kick from the passive position followed up by a couple of straight strikes. 
If the person defending would have went into some kind of fighting stance the aggressor would have had more time to react, and the fight would have went on for much longer. This way of fighting may never show up in a boxing ring, or a cage but it is very effective in a real fight, and shows the difference between preparing for a ring and a street fight. At AOS we have drilled this same situation into the oblivion not because we want to, but because it works. Come be part of what we do.

David DavisComment