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Age Requirements

  • All adult classes  are designed for adults with a minimum age of 14

  • Youth/Kids self defense classes age group two 5-13

Dynamic Variable Resistance Training

Dynamic Variable Resistance Training (DVRT™) is the most natural way to train. Why? The DVRT program and Ultimate Sandbag are designed to meet the way the body naturally moves. This means it can accommodate any fitness level and possess endless versatility. 


 Krav Maga Fundamentals:

This class is designed for all levels of martial art experience. However, this is specificly designed to build the base of a new student in Krav Maga. Students will learn the most important self-defenses concepts in these classes.  


Krav Maga Skill Set

This class is designed for all levels of martial art experience. The focus on this class is to build the general skill-set of the student. Students will learn the most important ground submissions, striking, and fighting positions for a self-defense environment.

Advanced Krav Maga:

Core Krav Maga is eligible to student's Who have earned the Rank of Yellow Belt or have trained for 4-6 months. This class is for students who want to take their training to the next level. This class will have Advanced Self Defense and Krav Maga techniques, submission wrestling, kickboxing, weapons, and tactical training integrated into these classes taking the Krav Maga student to the next level.

Youth Self Defense

This class is designed to teach kids and teens how to defend themselves against bullies. Students will become physically fit, build confidence, increase focus, and become better young citizens in all aspects of life.